Civil Engineering Day at The Science Museum of Minnesota

Civil Engineering Day
at The Science Museum of Minnesota

Outreach Committee
Tunnels, drones, wind turbines, oh my! Civil Engineering Day at the Science of Museum of Minnesota was a smashing success! Even with fierce competition from the beautiful weather, museum attendance was good as visitors came to see what civil engineering is all about. Civil engineering firms and societies also came out in force to show off our fascinating industry. ASCE student chapter members showed off their steel bridge and their cross section and floating concrete from the concrete canoe. ASCE YMG members hosted a measurement and communication activity where participants drew tunnel openings on opposite sides of a plexiglass divider that could reveal how well their tunnels met up.

Collins Engineers brought their drone cage and harnessed volunteers to a gantry for a bridge inspection rope access demo. The Friendly Hills Middle School Future City Team came with their city model to share their vision of the world of tomorrow.

Inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge and the book “Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing,” SEH brought materials for visitors to build a bridge to hold 21 elephant figurines. MnDOT taught the science of giant Jenga and showed LRRB’s careers in civil engineering video from NCITE led a crash barrier exercise and had signs and a traffic signal game. MNSEA and ACEC hosted a constructions site selfie photo booth and gave out awesome safety glasses. 

APWA taught us how to stop stormwater pollution with stormwater plinko. MNSPE challenged visitors to build strong, yet cost-effective spaghetti bridges. SRF challenged visitors in infrastructure mini golf. HDR helped participants build a spinning wind turbine. WTS hosted a lunch and viewing of Dream Big. 

Thanks to all who came out to volunteer, everyone who took part in planning, and special thanks to our sponsors for the day, SEH, HDR, APWA, ASCE, Bolton & Menk, MSES, and SRF! The Science Museum was a fantastic host and has a great team of organizers to partner with.

The award winning giant screen film, Dream Big, will continue showing in the Omnitheater until October.