MN2050 is a collaborative partnership for infrastructure advocacy
with three main goals:

• Increase public awareness about the importance of our state’s
critical infrastructure.

• Develop K through 12 infrastructure-related curriculum to educate Minnesota's future leaders, and partner with educators, coalitions and foundations to integrate the STEM education fields with infrastructure knowledge.

• Establish a platform to help professionals research and advance our infrastructure management message.

A particular challenge for the initiative is motivating civil engineers and other public works professionals who are familiar with the effects of infrastructure neglect to speak out, to friends, family, and public groups.  MN2050 is developing a variety of media to support speaking out and engaging others in discussion about the problem.

The Minnesota Section has been a strong supporter of this initiative. The Minnesota and Duluth Sections working together obtained a $4000 grant from national to help fund a Road & Bridges video.  We expect the video to be completed early in 2014.  It is to be followed by similar videos covering Rail, Airports, and Ports & Waterways.  A fifth infrastructure topic, Water, Wastewater & Stormwater has already been covered by the Liquid Assets video completed in 2012. Our section participates on the steering team that guides the day-to-day work.


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