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MAR 28


ASCE & Society of American

Military Engineers (SAME)

Wed Mar 28, 2018
11:30am – 1:30pm
Grumpy’s Bar & Grill

2801 Snelling Avenue
Roseville, MN





Civil Engineering Day at The Science Museum of Minnesota

The event will be in the style of the Museum’s Play, Tinker, Make
days and anyone interested in hosting a hands on activity can submit an application here, by April 6.

If you would like to save on the price of tickets by reserving as a group of 15 or more, call 651.221.9444 or 800.221.9444 in advance. Group tickets may be purchased either for a specific date and time or as an advance admission voucher redeemable anytime at the Box Office.

For More Info:

Autonomous Technology vs Minnesota Winter: The Superbowl Challenge

     By Bob Filipczak 

The testing of autonomous vehicles has been in the news a lot, and each article makes new claims about what these vehicles can do. If there’s some skepticism among engineers in northern states such as Minnesota, it makes sense. We all want to know if this technology can stand up to the trifecta of snow, ice and salt when it comes to navigating our roads.

We are about to find out.


History & Heritage Committee

Committee chair, Melanie Fiegen, moved to South Dakota at the end of the year. If anyone is interested in chairing this committee, please contact Lisa Breu at

The committee’s mission is to understand and communicate to the section our civil engineering heritage and history. Past activities have been articles for the newsletter, preparation of ASCE Historic Landmark designation applications, and calendars highlighting Minnesota Historic Projects.

Here are links to a couple documents: The Centennial Timeline and Centennial Booklet.